This is her. She’s turned ninety-two but she looks much younger. She’s still got the enthusiasm and the will to make things work out right, just as a woman in full bloom.

Her eyes are as blue as the Norman skies of Sicily; the shine on her white hair reflects the hot Mediterranean sunshine. Her face reveals the far-sightedness and the beauty of someone who has lived a real life, a life of sacrifices but, nonetheless, of fully accomplished projects. Even today she defines objectives and plans which are clear, concrete and feasible, and carries them out with determination.

At the age of 90 she decided to open her casket of dreams and memories but, above all, she opened up her home, so rich of flavours, of positiveness, of healthy living, but also of fighting and of personal recipes of means to slow-down the passing of time, to better appreciate it.

Mamma Maria’s B & B lies in the shadow of the fantastic Greek theatre and the lofty Arab fortress - on the hill – in the very heart of Taormina, just a few strides from the lively Corso Umberto and the lush Villa Comunale. Facing the house is the magnificent smoking volcano - Etna – where ancient Cyclops keep its rumbling ovens burning, day and night, in the depths of its hidden bowels. This spot is not very far from where Polyphemous threw the boulders into the sea trying to revenge himself against Ulysses and his crew who had blinded him.

This old building, completely overhauled, offers every comfort, breath-taking views and tranquillity. The house is reflected in the waters of the splendid Ionic bay around the pleasant town of Giardini Naxos where the first Greek settlers stepped on Sicilian land in 735-734 BC. From here, on crystal-clear days, your gaze can cross the Mediterranean and reach as far as the African shores.

Mamma Maria has re-designed the house with care keeping her guests’ tastes at heart, conserving this island’s style, flavour, and fragrance of traditional hospitality, which can never and must never set.